About Us

Over the last 11 years, Leko Style has successfully provided high-quality raw materials for the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical, and veterinary products manufacturers, food industry, household chemicals, and auto cosmetics manufacturers.

Leko Style supplies raw materials not only to Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland but also to the countries of the European Union - Germany, Spain, Latvia and France.

Our product range of 3500 positions has appeared from a single line of essential oils. We work with different industries and services market customers: manufacturers of cosmetics, household chemicals, food and pharmaceutical industries, veterinary field, beauty salons, aromatherapists, and perfumers. Most part of our product range consists of cosmetic raw materials.

We also successfully launched a new direction for us in the field of supply of equipment for pharmaceutical and cosmetic production.

Our suppliers are more than 120 companies from many countries, such as Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, USA, China, India, etc.

Also, Leko Style helps its customers turn projects into life not only by supplying quality raw materials but also by providing the required equipment. Regardless of the field in which the project is going to be realized, Leko Style will offer the machinery in accordance with customer requirements.


The presence of an accredited laboratory, as well as the implemented ISO: 9001 standards and input control, guarantee our customers raw materials of consistently high quality, which leads to the continuous production process and helps our clients to create competitive products. We've participated in the creation of several hundred unique cosmetic formulas, and have developed more than a dozen from scratch.

By following the link below you can read our license for pharmaceutical activities.



Our mission

Clients are our main value, and we try to be an open, reliable, and promising partner for you.

Being an expert in the health and beauty industry market, we deliver our customers the most valuable and qualitative ingredients and provide the most innovative solutions in order to support Ukrainian cosmetics manufacturers competition capacity, overall market growth, and healthy lifestyle.

We offer ready-made solutions for businesses, which help to adapt to a changing market environment. We are interested in the growth of the businesses of our suppliers and customers, this gives us the impulse to develop and strengthen our market positions. Therefore, we closely follow market trends and directions to give recommendations on the usage of a business-enabling environment.

  • LekoStyle in numbers
  • 3500+ Items
  • 40+ Employees
  • 1500+ Satisfied customers

What we offer to our clients

  • Automated customer relationship system
  • A range for every industry
  • Raw materials and components of own production
  • Information support
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Optimal delivery times
  • Assistance in the joint development of new products
  • Innovative ideas for new products
  • Guaranteed quality raw materials
  • Minimum packaging for most of the range
  • Supply of equipment and materials for production

Product portfolio


We will provide help in selection of ingredients and recipes for your products

For cosmetics Industry

  • Vegetable oils and fats
  • Natural essential oils and absolutes
  • Natural and synthetic waxes
  • Hydrolats (floral waters)
  • Raw materials for cosmetics
  • Cosmetic bases and scrubs
  • Resin Salt Abrasives
  • Raw materials for perfumes (cosmetic bases and finished products)
  • Solvents and scented substances

For the pharmaceutical industry

  • Excipients
  • Solvents
  • Fatty acids, esters
  • Essential oils of pharmaceutical quality
  • Vegetable oils and fat pharmaceutical quality
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